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hello Dee, i like Dawn and i want you to put me on hold for a while. i want to get to know her. first date completed and the second date was an afternoon together. as she opened up to me i found more to be intrigued with. well.....its always easier to listen when you have a pretty woman to look at. i'm sure you're relieved to finally get a good report from me. see???? i wasn't that hard to do business with after all. i just needed you to get the weight and the hair color right!!! men are so simple!! :) i'll let you know how it goes. if it doesn't work out between us i'm sure she'll be ok. she's a passionate kisser, looks much younger than she is, and makes a great home made soup! :) barry

An Experienced Team

At Spokane Matchmakers, we have a proven track record of helping singles FIND and MEET each other. Our staff is dedicated and committed to assisting you in the achievement of all of your relationship goals.

Professional Matchmakers

Matchmaking Institute Certified Matchmaker Are you tired of sending endless emails to strangers online? Let our professional matchmakers get to know you IN-DEPTH and hand-select quality matches for you. Our experience and intuition will get you out of the house and meeting terrific people for the purpose of a happy and healthy relationship.

Meet Local Singles

As our name suggests, Spokane Matchmakers specializes in matching quality people in Spokane and the surrounding areas. No long-distance relationships. We will match you with people in your vicinity so you can see each other face-to-face as often as you want, and actually date.

Similar Relationship Goals

Making sure that the people you meet share your ultimate relationship goals might be more than half of the battle. Our in-person consultations screen out people who just want to date for the "sake of dating" or play games. Our Clients WANT a relationship and only want to meet others who feel the same.

Date Coaching And Advice

If two heads are better than one, then three heads are better than two. Right? Our on-staff Date Coaches are ready to give you the tools to become a better dater, be a happier person and guide you through our proven process so you can get the most out of your dating program with Spokane Matchmakers.

Our Clients Are Real

Ever wonder if the people you are sending emails to are real? Tired of online meetings with people who prove to be totally different from the way they described themselves? That is where we are DIFFERENT. We meet ALL of our Clients, face-to-face, so we can make sure they are WHO and WHAT they say they are. This personal screening ensures that all of our Clients are REAL, SERIOUS about a relationship, and READY to meet YOU.

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